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Coffee Club: Are You a Creature of Habit at the Store?

Do you buy the same food every grocery trip? If so, researchers say that can be dangerous for your health.
What's on the dinner table in many countries across the world is starting to look too similar, according to researchers.

But we want to know, are you a creature of habit--do you buy the same food every grocery trip?

As the diets of countries are growing more and more similar, the global menu is getting smaller.  

Researcher from the National Academy of Sciences found people in a growing number of countries are consuming wheat, corn, meat, dairy and soybeans.  That means they're eating fewer unique, regional crops. The researchers call this dangerous. 

They say it's not good for health to rely on such a short list of major food crops, because it makes the global food supply dependent on such a short list of major food crops - setting us up to be much more vulnerable  to things like new diseases or climate change that could wipe out a big part of the global food supply. 

The researchers say more people are also eating more calories and fat -- which puts much more emphasis on needing to balance nutrition.

Do you tend to buy and eat the same foods every week?

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