Coffee Club: Happy World Sleep Day!

Coffee Club: Happy World Sleep Day!

Friday is World Sleep Day! Are you feeling rested? Chances are, you're probably not getting as much sleep as you should.
Experts are hoping you open your eyes to see how much shut-eye you may be missing out on and what that means for your health.

You've heard the standard advice--adults should aim for eight hours of sleep a night. Most people get less than 8 hours a night, according the National Sleep Foundation.

So what exactly are we giving up with that sleep? 

The World Association of Sleep Medicine points out that sleep tends to increase our mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, and health, including weight.

And here's something a sleep expert in the L.A. Times pointed out -- for every one hour of sleep you lose, you need one day to recover. So thinking you can pick up sleep later in the week may leave you more deprived than you think.

How much sleep do you get? And what exactly are you giving up with that sleep?

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