Coffee Club: Subsidized Marijuana

Coffee Club: Subsidized Marijuana

We're talking about the accessibility and price of marijuana. Some believe it should be more available to everyone, even comparing them to food stamps.
Smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal in 20 states and Washington DC, though selling and possessing it is still a federal crime.

However, a new rule could require dispensaries to discount the drug for those who can't afford, but need it.

Washington DC could soon become the first jurisdiction in the country to require medical marijuana dispensaries to subsidize pot for low-income patients.

Under the proposed rule, dispensaries would have to set aside 2% of their annual gross revenue to provide discounts of at least 20% to patients who earn less than double the federal poverty level.

Dispensaries that don't comply would face a fine of two thousand dollars per offense and risk losing their license to operate for multiple offenses.

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