Coffee Club: Time to Step Away from the Diet?

Coffee Club: Time to Step Away from the Diet?

For many people, a diet soda is the perfect pick-me-up, but for older women who love their diet drinks, there's something new to consider--the risks of heart disease.
Coffee Club: How often do you crack open a can of diet soda?

Do you prefer diet soda over regular?

The American College of Cardiology recently performed a study that may make you think twice before sipping another diet beverage.

Researchers compared women who never or rarely drank diet sodas and women who had two or more diet drinks a day.

About nine years later, they found the women who regularly drank these drinks were 30% more likely to suffer cardiovascular problems, and 50% more likely to die from heart-related disease.

How often do you drink diet soda? Would a study like this change your habits at all?

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