Coffee Club: Valentine's Day--Love It or Hate It?

Coffee Club: Valentine's Day--Love It or Hate It?

Valentine's Day, whether you love it or hate it, means big business for many industries. But now some are celebrating with "Anti-Valentine's Day" festivities.
Love is in the air, and for those with a special someone this Valentine's Day, things are really sweet.

But for some, it can also be a bitter day.

As hearts, flowers, and champagne overrun the majority of restaurants, Americans will spend an estimated $3.5 billion on a Valentine's night out. Most of it at upscale restaurants with fancy, heartfelt menus.

But one Washington state restaurant is breaking the heart-shaped mold, and celebrating "Anti-Valentine's Day".

They will cook up the most tasty, yet least romantic dishes they could think of, including  fried veal sweetbreads-- also known as glands of a calf.

Then you can wash it down with a bitter cocktail of grapefruit beer and Malort, a wormwood liqueur.

What do you think about the day of love? Will you be celebrating "Anti-Valentine's Day" or soaking in the romance?

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