Coffee Club: What's Your Driving Style?

Coffee Club: What's Your Driving Style?

Do you have a lead foot? We want to know if you're the type that leaves people in the dust, and if you have a collection of speeding tickets to prove it!
A minor speeding violation -- that's 15 miles over the limit or less -- increases your car insurance an average of 21%. That's according to a new report from

To translate that into real money, if the average annual car insurance is $912 a year, one speeding ticket brings it up $191.

But that's not much compared to a DUI, which will raise your insurance rate by 93%--that's almost double!

Reckless driving will cost you 82% more a year in insurance.

Do you leave other drivers in the dust most of time? Do you have a speeding ticket collection to prove it?

Or perhaps, you're the one constantly being passed by other drivers?

Share your "driving style" here for a chance to be featured on Abilene Midday at 11:30!

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