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Coffee Club: Which is More Exhausting--Parenting or Traditional Work?

Which is more challenging--a day at work, or a day playing mom or dad? You may be surprised how most people answered.
In your opinion, which is more exhausting---stay at home parenting, or going to a traditional job day after day?

A new study finds most parents think caring for their child is a more exhausting job than the one they get paid for.

The report is based on data collected during the 2010 American Time Use survey.

Parents rated 12% of childcare activities as "very tiring," compared to 5% of work-related activities.

However, a majority of parents said childcare experiences were more meaningful than work activities.

The study also found mothers spent 31 hours a week doing unpaid childcare activities and housework -- compared to 17 hours for fathers.

However, mothers and fathers spent roughly the same amount of time playing with their children.

Which do you think is more taxing on a person, parenting or a day at the office?

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