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Coffee Club: Would You Sacrifice Customer Service for Lower Prices?

If the cost of dining out would drop significantly, would you sacrifice customer service?
A North Dakota coffee shop is saving money on employee costs -- by not having any! It is a self-serve coffee shop.

When the owners opened the shop last October, they decided it was fitting to allow people to serve themselves and pay on the honor system.

They haven't broke even yet, but it's not because people are stealing. In fact, they say people are 15% more generous than thieving.

And there's plenty else to draw people in: two pianos, artwork for sale, and a whole lot of books.

The owners spent 3.5 years converting the former bank, turning it into a modern hot spot that the community seems to be embracing!

Would you sacrifice customer service, in order to receive a smaller bill at the end of your meal? Which is more important--price or experience?

Share your thoughts here for a chance to be featured on Abilene Midday at 11:30!

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