Coffee Clubs: Are Joint Credit Cards Hurting Your Relationship?

Coffee Clubs: Are Joint Credit Cards Hurting Your Relationship?

We're talking about joint bank accounts for couples. The days may be numbered for those who like the convenience and shared responsibility of having a joint credit card
Chase is now scrapping its joint credit card offering -- a big change for those who use this service to share responsibility.

So now, instead of opening a joint credit card, customers will have to add a spouse, partner, or whoever they'd like to an already existing account. 

One credit expert says this might actually be a smarter option for the consumer.

Opening separate credit card accounts, the expert says, is a smarter option -- that's because there is no question who spent what amount and who is responsible for paying the balance.

This way, one person's bad spending habits will not affect the other's credit score with separate accounts, as it would if the couple had a joint account.

Experts believe that this new move by Chase -- could prompt other banks and credit card companies to follow suit.

If you do already have a joint credit card with chase -- you are grandfathered in. And this change will not affect you.

Do you think joint credit cards are a good idea?

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