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Construction on Lamar Street in Sweetwater Continues in Cold

Construction on Lamar Street in Sweetwater continues despite the cold weather.
With temperatures topping off in the high 30's, construction crews worked through the cold as they continued to repair Lamar Street in Sweetwater. 

Crews say they were prepared for the weather and wore warm clothing, however it does slow down their progress. 

This week, crews were scheduled to be working on the stretch of roadway in front of the Sweetwater Middle School, however TXDOT says they would prefer to re-stripe the road in warmer weather.

Therefore, crews are currently working at the intersection of Lamar Street and Alabama Avenue, directly in front of Check Mart. 

The manager of Check Mart says they have been in front of her business since December and she is excited to have them relocate.

She also added that since construction started in front of her store, her sales dropped dramatically and if it weren't for her regulars, she would be in a lot of trouble financially. 
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