Couple Miraculously Survives Shooting Spree

Couple Miraculously Survives Shooting Spree

A couple shot at 16 times by a shooter tells their story of survival. <br><br>
Casimiro Solis and his wife Charlotte Feldman say they're alive by miracle.

They were inside their car at a gas station in Brady when a man pulled up beside them and started shooting.

They were shot at 16 times and were each hit by bullet fragments either behind their neck or on their face.

That shooter, who investigators have identified as Esteban Smith, a U.S. Marine from North Carolina, went off to injure another three, killing one woman who was inside her car.

The couple are thankful to still be alive, but say the healing process hasn't been easy physically or emotionally.

They will be attending counseling sessions as they try to cope. 

Smith was eventually shot and killed by Texas State Troopers after a shootout. 

Authorities have tied Smith to another incident in North Carolina where they found a woman who they believe to be his wife, dead from knife wounds. 
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