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Crosses Placed at Hailey Dunn Garden From Supports Around the World

Volunteers from the United for Hailey group placed crosses near the garden that's now in front of the Colorado City home.One volunteer has designed and decorated many of these crosses, with each one designed upon request of an individual who has helped in some way or another with the search efforts. They come from all over the country, and even from all over the world. Showing that their hope isn't fading.
One by one, crosses are hung up to represent those who never met her.

"From a different person in a different place," explained Melissa Gooch, with United for Hailey.

From Iowa to New York, and even from as far away as South Africa, the strangers behind the crosses for Hailey Dunn may not have met her, but they're praying for her.

"If Hailey comes home, she can see where everybody is praying for her," Gooch explained. 

The idea started out as a simple one. Melissa was going to decorate and hang up two crosses; one for herself and one for her friend. Then supports from around the country started asking for her to put one up for them as well.

"People have united from all over the world, literally, to help us get the word of Hailey out," said Gooch. "And people just flood in and they say, 'Hey, let us know what we can do, how we can help.'"

Margie Sanderson has been able to see the support blossoming in her front yard over the last few weeks. From the searchers who help her plant flowers, to the crosses hung on the fence, she says seeing the support for her cousin has been wonderful, especially with so many never having met Hailey.

"You just don't know there's so many people out there that will jump for somebody else," Margie said.

And while they wait to hear the news of remains found in scurry county, the hope for Hailey hasn't wilted.

"All the flowers are going to be blooming, and they're going to be growing; just like our hope for Hailey is going to be  growing. And the more time that goes by, the more we want her home," said Gooch. "It just keeps growing and growing."
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