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DCOA Approves Financial Assistance for Two Business Coming to Abilene

During its Tuesday meeting, the Developmental Corporation of Abilene approved financial assistance for two businesses moving to the Key City.
The Developmental Corporation of Abilene met Monday and approved financial assistance for two businesses looking to move to the Key City.

One company has been given the nickname "Project L-S" and is looking to expand into Abilene to manufacture ammunition projectiles. The DCOA has agreed to lease space to the company at city-owned warehouses on Vine Street. The company, which has not been named pending final agreements, agreed to provide over two-dozen jobs at the Abilene location in exchange for 1.9 million dollars in assistance over three years.

The second company looking to move to the Big Country is a manufacturer of plastic gift cards, and is currently based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company is planning to relocate to Abilene and is purchasing property downtown. The DCOA agreed to provide the company, which has gone unnamed, with 82 thousand dollars in incentives.
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