Distracted Driving Still A Problem

Distracted Driving Still A Problem

Craig Middle School crossing guards talk about their experiences.
Fred Jones says he sees them everyday, drivers who are not paying attention to the road.

"We had one coming out of the parking lot just this morning," he said.

He said the driver was not looking at the road and almost ran into him.

"Looking at her cell phone, while I was entering the street," he said.

He and his wife Roxanne work the intersection in front of Craig Middle School, and they've got lots of stories to share about close encounters that could have been much worse, all because of someone not paying attention to the road.

"There was a little girl, almost to the end of the street and the guy just stopped, put on his brakes and almost ran into everybody," she said. "He was looking at his cell phone."

They said one driver was so distracted, he almost ran over, not only them, but a group of students as well.

"A black SUV, ran right between us all going about 50 mph and you could easily tell the driver had a cell phone in her face"

Fred worked as a FedEx driver for 16 years, he was recognized for his safe driving practices.

"They asked me to give a speech about safe driving, you know, my boss did," he said.

Fred has some simple and practical advice for those who still can't pay attention while driving.

"Be aware of everything around you," he said. "Be aware of what's ahead of you, behind you and around you."

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