Extreme Weather and Your Health

Extreme Weather and Your Health

West Texas weather truly has been roller coaster of ups and downs. One day it can be sunny and warm, and the next, below freezing! And as KRBC's Nora Hartfeil found out, the extreme fluctuations can have an impact on your health.
One day it's sunny and warm, and the next? Well, not so much. And those of us who call West Texas home, know that well.

As weather fluctuates, there are certain health issues we associate with each season.

"In the winter there's just more respiratory illnesses in general," says Dr. Ashley Hall, Hendrick Medical Center. "There's the flu and pneumonia, and that's when the weather is cold."

So what's the scoop on staying healthy as seasons seem to change overnight? Dr. Ashley Hall says it's all about prevention and keeping an eye on preexisting conditions like asthma.

"Cold, windy days can trigger asthma exacerbation, as well as extreme changes of weather in general," says Dr. Hall.

So when mom warned us about spending too much time out in the cold to avoid getting sick, it wasn't exactly true.

"It's more of an old wives' tale about going out into the cold and getting a cold," explains Dr. Hall.

Even though we can't control what goes on outside, Dr. Hall urges patients to stay on top of what's going on the inside of the body.
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