Family Continues Search For Missing Brandon Lawson

Family Continues Search For Missing Brandon Lawson

Almost Seven Months After His Disappearance And Brandon's Family Still Doesn't Have Answers.
Almost seven months after Brandon Lawson's disappearance and still his family has no answers. The 26-year-old was last seen by his family when he left his San Angelo home on August 8, 2013. Shortly after leaving the home, he made a 9-1-1 call asking for help. On the call, he tells dispatch that he ran out of gas in a field going toward Abilene. He asks for police assistance before the call gets cut off. That was the last that anyone has heard from Brandon.

Today, his wife, parents, grandparents and son went back to Bronte, the town where his truck was found in August. With hopes of finding answers, they hung up flyers and spoke to locals.

New information has been released regarding a possible new address or location where Brandon was on the night of his disappearance. Verizon, Brandon's cell phone carrier, was able to identify a more precise location where Brandon last used his cell phone. As of now, the investigation has been put on hold until the Coke County Sheriff's department believes there is probable cause. 

If you have any information on Brandon Lawson, please contact Coke County's Sheriff Department. 

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