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FBI: New Change on Rape Affects Abilene

Do not panic in 2015 when the new numbers are released.
The FBI's definition of rape was between a man and a woman. Now, it has been changed to be put under a new umbrella, man on man, female on female, objects and even date rape drugs. This will take Abilene's rate on rapes up considerably.

The Abilene Police Department says not to panic when the new numbers are brought in. 

"Don't panic, all we're doing is changing the statistical definition of rape from male on female to all the different possible categories that there are to get a better idea of how many really are," Sgt. Lynn Beard said.

The Abilene Police say they were already looking at expanding the family violence unit before the FBI updated their definition on rape but they say nothing has changed with this new definition.
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