Going Green By Switching To Automatic Lights

Going Green By Switching To Automatic Lights

Remembering to turn the lights off can save money on the electric bill. But when the day gets busy, it's easy to forget. One Abilene business made the change to automatic lights to conserve energy.
Remembering to turn the lights off at night can be harder than it sounds. To conserve energy and save money some places are switching to automatic lights. Leave the room and ten minutes later the lights turns off automatically. Jerry Mash loves having automatic lights where he works.

“A little more expensive but I think they have well paid for themselves.”

Automatic lights come in handy when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to look for the switch or set your things down. Monica Zills works in the same building as Mash. She loves having automatic lights as well.

“Usually my hands are full and I’m in a rush. I have to lay down my stuff and then go back to turn on the lights. I don’t have to that now,” says Zills.

Automatic lights are also handy at night to see if someone is in the building. More than anything, the lights cut down on energy and save the property owner money as a result. Where Mash works, they have lights in every office and a few hallways.

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