Going Green: Holiday Weekend Raises Fire Concern

Going Green: Holiday Weekend Raises Fire Concern

This weekend is a big holiday but the Texas Forest services is urging Texans to use the outdoors with caution.
Although many areas in the lone star state have received a significant rainfall much of the state is still in a drought .

"We had more moisture which helped the green up, but it will start dying as we get more heat."  Said Ron Ethridge of the Texas Forest Service.

And with highs reaching triple digits recently, this holiday weekend could be dangerous.

"Well this is the first big vacation with kids out of school, families will be taking vacation and going to the lake and having cook outs." Said Ron Ethridge.

One of the biggest threats is fires ignited by leaving a camp fire unattended. 

"You will be held responsible for it, so make sure it out completely doused with water maybe even cover it with dirt. "  Said Ron Ethridge.

Ron hopes that last years devastation will serve as a reminder the potential devastation.
"Just remember that can always happen so just take caution with what you do so everybody can have a good weekend." Said Ron Ethridge.

And the Texas forest service and other organizations that combat the wildfires can have a good weekend also.

"So if I don't have to go out and come back smelling like smoke I'll be happy."  Said Ron Ethridge.
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