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Grackles: Birds That Leave Their Mark

Grackles fly around the Big Country in flocks of hundreds. Besides their loud noises, their droppings could cause a health hazard.
Grackles are large black birds with an iridescent coat that fly around in flocks of hundreds. These birds are found anywhere east of the Rockies and can be spotted all over Abilene.

Their loud "singing" is considered annoying by many, however their noise is not their only downfall. Their droppings can cause a health hazard and can be found by the pile under a few underpasses in the Key city.

While there was confusion as to what entity is truly responsible for the task, TxDot confirmed that since the underpass at the intersection of Southwest Drive and Clack is a TxDot intersection, they are working to contract a cleaning service to solve the issue.

It seems like it would be easy to just hose off the droppings, however, since the droppings can be hazardous, hosing them off into the storm drains could cause more health concerns in the future.
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