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Great Ways to Get Healthy this New Years with Jimmy "Ninja"

Jimmy "Ninja" Chaikong has some great tips and tricks to help you reach your goals for the new year.
        Jimmy Ninja stopped by the studio to talk New Years Resolutions today. One thing that CJJ Fitness does that a lot of facilities don't do is focus on inspiration. Getting in shape and losing weight is not your goal, your goal is to adopt a new lifestyle. There are a lot of ways they can help you achieve that goal. One way is with the "40 Challenge" which consists of 40 push-ups, 40 squats and 40 crunches for a total of 40 days straight. Nutrition also plays a big role in reaching your goals. Eating the wrong foods can be so easy to do when there are so many fast food restaurants that are easy to get to, or microwaveable foods that only take a few minutes to cook.

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