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Habit for Humanity Recognizes National Women Build Week

Habit for Humanity Sees More Women Volunteers
Habit for Humanity
Habit for Humanity
The outside of the home
The outside of the home
Habit for Humanity
Habit for Humanity
Habit for Humanity is building a new home for one local Abilene woman. She is a single mother with three children.

The recipient of the home has helped build her new house all weekend with volunteers.

Most of the volunteers helping are women. This is the seventh year of National Women Build Week at Habit for Humanity.

This programs challenges women to help end poverty housing in their communities and learn new skills. During the program 80% of the work, including building and fundraising, must be done by women.

Many women learned how to use a table saw, nail gun, and the proper way to hammer a nail.

First Financial Bank partnered with Habit for Humanity, so many volunteers are from the bank.

Although, the volunteers enjoyed learning new skills they say that it's rewarding knowing they are providing a better home for a family.

And soon they will be able to drive by and see the finish product.

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