Hailey Dunn: A Timeline of The Week

Hailey Dunn: A Timeline of The Week

New leads in the Hailey Dunn case have put the missing teen back in the headlines....
New leads in the Hailey Dunn case have put the missing teen back in the headlines and it all started with a letter written by a woman in an Odessa jail.
The week was filled with the uncovering of new information.

On Monday, the news broke of a letter written by Sonja Rene Callahan, telling her sister in Abilene, of her involvement in Hailey Dunn's disappearance.
We also read the letter to Billie Dunn. Dunn says this information is new to her, although she has heard of several possible Hailey sightings in Odessa.

On Tuesday, we spoke directly to Sonja Rene Callahan by phone from a federal prison in North Texas. This is the same day that investigators with the Colorado City Police told another local station that there were no new leads and Callahan's letter did not turn up any new information.

On Wednesday, the same investigators told CBS 7 in Midland that the letter was actively being investigated. On the same day, we released more information about Sonja Rene Callahan. She claims she was the victim of a kidnapping in San Angelo. Her case never went to court and charges against her accused kidnappers were dropped.

On Thursday, we spoke to Callahan again and pressed her on the validity of her information. She continued to stand by her claims made in the letter. On Thursday, we also released the full raw footage of our interview with Billie Dunn.

Investigators tell us they are digging deep into all of the claims made. While the leads have not led to Hailey, they have led to other new leads. Within the last 24 hours we have received new information regarding the case, which we immediately brought to investigator's attention. They are looking into the new information.
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