Inside the Murder Wall: Death of Tracy Sewell

Inside the Murder Wall: Death of Tracy Sewell

In the Murder Wall there is evidence boxed up and kept for years, in some cases even decades from every Abilene homicide. Victor Sotelo takes us back to the Murder Wall and opens another box
In the basement of the Abilene Police Department, there is a wall of shelves, with neatly stacked boxes from floor to ceiling.

If you didn't know what's in the boxes, you might walk by and not give them another thought.

In the boxes is evidence from Abilene's most gruesome crime scenes.

This one, a 1984 murder when the killer was taken into custody and allowed to go free just days later.

A case involving a connivance store clerk Tracy Sewell, who was working late one night at a store on the corner of Barrow and South 23rd in August of 1984.

She was beaten to death for the money in the cash register, and it did not take long for police to track down the killer but because the lack of evidence and a passed polygraph Clifford Scott Wright was a free man.

Blood was found on the boots so police submitted them to the lab, but as Sgt. Lynn Beard with the APD Crimes Against Persons Unit explains, it wasn't enough until the late 90s.

Police kept his boots in a box where they sat until the early 90s.

Wright is now serving a life sentence thanks to advances in technology and the Murder Wall.

Where other cases sit waiting for further advances that will lead to more solved case.
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