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Jim Ned CISD Bond Meeting Gets Heated

Amid early voting, some residents in the Jim Ned School District voiced heir opinions in a heated discussion tonight. Many pointed out why building a consolidated elementary school at the proposed cost will cost taxpayers too much money.
Early voting ends on Friday and then election day is next Tuesday. With that in mind, some residents came out to tonight's meeting to voice their opinions on the proposed bond package. At one point the dicussion became heated, with many residents demanding answers to questions they say have been avoided until now.

The meeting started off with a review of the bond package, including a break-down of what is being included in its nearly 21 million dollar price tag. If the bond is passed, a consolidated elementary school in Tuscola will replace the two existing schools in Lawn and Buffalo Gap. It's something administrators say is necessary. But some residents say they are concerned about a potential tax rate increase. They say the proposed increase is much higher than it has to be and that, as taxpayers, they should be made aware of other options.

Another issue discussed tonight highlighted a split in the district's board on the proposed bond. Right now, four board members are in favor of it, while the remaining three voted against it. Some teachers also spoke tonight in favor of the bond, saying a combined elementary school would create unity among the younger students. That's something they say isn't present today. One teacher said no matter the tax rate increase, the decision should be made with the interest of the students in mind.
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