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Klapheke Trial: Day 9

Therapist Beth Higgins and a former co-worker of Thomas Klapheke, John Navaro, took the stand Thursday.
The first person to take the stand in Day 9 of the Klapheke trail was therapist, Beth Higgins. Higgins treated Tiffany Klapheke beginning in 2007 and testified to the complicated relationship between Tiffany and her mother, Tina Romano. The next person to take the stand was John Navaro. Navaro used to work with Thomas at Dyess Air Force Base. Navaro testified that he received a text message from Thomas asking about homosexual relations and what it would be like to be intimate with another man.

There were also special hearings to determine if a few former CPS workers will be called to the stand. Gretchen Denny appeared at the courthouse with her attorney to plead the fifth. Bit Whitaker's attorney, Randy Wilson appeared on her behalf and pleaded the fifth as well. Tiffany Gann's attorney, Jeffery Propst, was also present to announce that his client would be pleading the fifth. There will be further hearings outside the presence of the jury to determine if these individuals will take the stand or not. 
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