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Klapheke Trial Testimonies Continue

Tiffany Klapheke's ex-husband, CPS worker, and a neuropsychologist testified in her deadly child neglect trial.
During cross-examination Monday morning, the prosecution asked Tiffany Klapheke's ex-husband Thomas klapheke if he had chosen to deploy in order to make extra money. He said yes.

The defense established a timeline of when Thomas was home. Then asked if he was aware of the Harris Lines in the deceased child's bones. That was in reference to Friday, when the Medical Examiner testified that 15 Harris Lines were found, meaning the child had been starved 15 times in her life. Thomas said he was not aware.

Court-appointed Neuropsychologist Samuel Brinkman spent about nine hours interviewing Tiffany Klapheke in February of 2013.
During testimony today, Brinkman noted that Klapheke would have dissociative episodes when under stress, which can be an aspect of reactive attachment disorder.

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