Local Family Plans to Finalize Four Adoptions in November

Local Family Plans to Finalize Four Adoptions in November

The Rose family is one of many families that are planning to finalize adoptions on November 15th.
November is national adoption month and November 15th is national adoption day. Adoption agencies across the Big Country are spreading awareness about adoption and the fact that there are not enough foster and adoptive parents in the area.

As of September of 2013, there are 16,248 children in the state of Texas in foster care. Taylor County accounts for 133 of those children. Only 52 of those 133 children were able to remain in Taylor County when they were removed from their homes.

Pathways Family Specialist, Tina Burkhart, explains that it does not take someone with a large house and big income to make a difference in a child's life.

One Abilene family has adopted six children, in the process of finalizing the adoption of four more, and are currently  caring for three foster children , which they like to call "forever children" because of the place the children always have in their hearts.

Elizabeth and Thomas Rose of Abilene first began the adoption and fostering process a little over four years ago when their biological daughter suggested it.

Rose explains that she was a bit apprehensive at first, but knew that the Lord was calling their family to become a little bigger.

November 15th will be a special day for the Rose family, as well as many other families that are welcoming children to their "forever families".
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