Local Fire Services Prepare for "Fire Season"

Local Fire Services Prepare for "Fire Season"

The Texas A&M Forest Service fire danger map classifies Taylor County as a"Very High" fire risk area.
Ready or not, "fires season" is upon us. Fire experts say that "fire season" is typically from late winter to early spring.Taylor County is under "Very High" fire risk according to the Texas A&M Forest Service forecast fire danger map.

Phillip Truitt with the Texas A&M Forest Service explained that long term climate has a large impact on wildfires. Relative humidity is another factor in wildfires. Truitt explained that when the relative humidity is at 20% or below and when the wind is 20mph or more is when he expects wildfires.

Shawn Hicks, Captain of the Tye Volunteer Fire Department, explained that its conditions like these that worry him. He has been fighting fires for years and said that this year has the potential to be as bad as far as fires go as 2011, unless we get some moisture.

Hicks also expressed that Tye VFD, as well as many other volunteer departments in the area, could really use some help. Even if you are not interested in actually fighting fires, there are several support roles that they are in need of.

Both Truitt and Hicks urge the community to be cautions and mindful because even a small spark can start a wildfire in these conditions.

To find out more about fire risk visit these sites.

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