Local Reaction to Hobby Lobby Case

Local Reaction to Hobby Lobby Case

Hobby Lobby is taking a stand against one of the new health care mandates requiring businesses to provide birth control to their employees, including certain kinds that are considered akin to abortifacients.
Alecia Robertson is an Abilene resident and loyal Hobby Lobby customer.

"I like Hobby Lobby, their sales are what get me," she said. "I'm all for their discounts and they have good sales so that's what brings me to shop there "

Robertson added that the recent controversy surrounding the Christian based retailer has had no affect on her and she will continue to shop there.

"I pride people for standing up for what they believe in," Robertson said. "They're not saying this is how you have to believe, they are saying this is what we believe and this is how we're gonna take a stance, and I absolutely applaud them for that."

The Supreme Court heard arguments today after Hobby Lobby rejected a Health Care mandate that would require businesses to offer a range of services, including certain types of birth control some say are similar to abortions.

"From what I've read, they don't object contraception in general, just to contraceptives that may also cause abortions," said Dr. Michele Johnson.

She is a local gynecologist, and said there are differences in how contraceptives work, and Plan B is especially different because it deals with an egg and sperm after they've been united.

"The reason that Plan B is questionable is because it's the emergency contraceptive that can be used after opportunity for conception has occurred," she said.

The Supreme Court heard the case today, and a ruling does not expect to be returned until late June.

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