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Local Shredding Company Goes Green

Company takes pounds of paper to be recycled every month.
Nowadays paper is getting recycled more and more frequently. Shredding Services of Texas, based in Abilene has been around for around 10 years now, even winning a green award back in 2003. Today, the company tries to shred about 100,000 pounds of paper a month, each piece will eventually get recycled. Customers can drop off their documents to their main headquarters on McGee Road in Abilene, or find them in route throughout the week in various parking lots. Both ways shreds the paper pretty small, and each ways gives the customer a way to view the shredding process through windows. Rick Spalding is the company’s owner, and his main goal for next year is to get a new truck grinder. One of their other trucks got struck by lightning a while back.
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