Low Turnout Of Voters In Clyde

Low Turnout Of Voters In Clyde

Only 2.5% of Clyde's whole population showed up to vote on Saturday.
Clyde held elections Saturday to fill three City Council seats and a proposition to use sales tax proceeds to build water lines from Lake Fort Phantom and other water supply sources to enhance Clyde's water supply, however, the race fizzled at the poles where only 2.5 percent of the population showed up to vote.

According to Keith Selman, Clyde City Administrator, the turnout was about half of the voters they normally get each year.

The proposition for enhancing the water supply should have created quite a buzz at the poles due to the water crisis across the Big Country, but when confronted, people acted disinterested and didn't want to comment.

Selmen said he believes the lack of voters was a result of the voting ballot itself. There were originally four candidates on the ballot but one of them dropped out, a little too late to be removed, that left three candidates and three open city council seats and only 93 voters.

Despite the lack of participants, the proposition to enhance the water supply passed.
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