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Medical Examiner Takes Stand in Tiffany Klapheke Trial

Images of Tamryn Klapheke's body were shown to the jury as the medical examiner took the stand.

Graphic images of Tamryn Klahpeke were shown in the 104th district court Friday, February 31 . The images were taken the day she was found deceased by her mother. The images were shown while the medical examiner from Terant County took the stand.

The medical examiner explained the chemical burns all over Tamryn's body were there when she was alive, and became worse after she had died. He also pointed out insect bite marks, before and after she was alive.

The medical examiner showed X-rays of Tamryn's bone that had Harris lines, these are lines in the bone that form after the bone has recovered from extreme illness or starvation. Tamryn's body had 15 Harris marks.

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