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Meet The Candidates: County Commissioner Precinct 2

Dwayne Tucker and Kyle Kendrick are both vying for the position of County Commissioner Precinct 2. Since there is no Democratic challenger, the winner will be determined in the primary.
There are two men who think they would make the best Taylor County Commissioner for Precinct Two. Both Dwayne Tucker and Kyle Kendrick are vying for the position. Tucker was the Commissioner from 2006 to 2010 and ran again on the 2010 on the Democratic ballot. He is running on the Republican ballot now and says that he enjoyed his time serving the public.

"Being a public servant isn't for everybody, I enjoyed working for the public and I am a business owner and I deal with the public on a daily basis." says Tucker.

Kyle Kendrick is the current Commissioner and says that he loves his job. "I enjoy every bit of my job. It doesn't matter if its serving on the Commissioner's Court every other Tuesday or going to meetings or just out working with my guys, I enjoy every bit of it."

Tucker says that he wants to be back in office and make sure that the property taxes stay low. "For the four years that I did hold office, the county property tax rates went down every year."

Kendrick explained that he would "like to continue working on salaries..it is one of the big things that I am trying to continue to work for." He also mentioned drainage projects and repaving county roads that are in need of repair as things that he would like to keep working on as Commissioner.

Tuesday may just be primary day, but since there is no Democratic challenger, whoever wins on Tuesday is in for the next four years.
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