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Merkel Parent Says She's Tired Of Son's Bullying

A Merkel mother claims her son has been a victim of bullying.
A Merkel mother claims her son has been a victim of bullying.

LaRaine Settlemyre says her 12-year-old son arrived home complaining of bruises and had to go the hospital for it. According to her, he was beaten by the same bully that's previously hurt her son in several occasions.

Settlemyre also say that a number of Merkel parents are frustrated with the situation. They feel this has been an ongoing issue that never seems to be addressed. One parent even transferred his ten-year old daughter after he felt nothing was being done.

However, Merkel ISD say they never tolerate bullying. In fact, superintendent Bill Hood say the school will take immediate action. In order to fix the problem right away, the victim must report the incident immediately.

Hood advises parents to stay calm and report to the principal about the alleged bullying to start an investigation. Normally, an investigation might take up to ten days to gather witnesses and look at surveillance cameras.They also must fill out a bullying report which will help determine the type of disciplinary action. That ranges from counseling to suspension.

In addition, if the outcome doesn't fulfill expectations, parents can complete a complaint form.

Settlemyre says the school told her they've done something to address the issue with her son. She feels only time will tell if this time around, things will change.

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