New High-Tech Option for Big Country Cancer Patients

New High-Tech Option for Big Country Cancer Patients

Every year hundreds of men are diagnosed with prostate cancer right here in Taylor County. Now, patients needing surgery no longer have to head to the Metroplex for the latest treatment.
Robot technology used in the OR isn't a new concept here in Abilene. What the robot can do, however, is taken to new heights on a regular basis.

"What we're going to find is that people will realize they don't have to travel, and can still get high quality, and advanced technology treatment here in town", says Dr. Tina Schuster, of Abilene Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Schuster sees prostate cancer patients daily. In fact, about 300 men are diagnosed each year in Taylor County alone--30% of which will need surgery.

"We do see it quite often. There are a lot of different treatment options, and one of them is surgery. Da Vinci prostatectomy is becoming the standard in care for prostate cancer", explains Dr. Schuster.

Most prostate cancer patients are candidates for the robot surgery, and if medicine progresses, like many believe it will, robotic surgeries could soon be the norm.

"There's less pain after surgery, and you can get up and start walking the same day as the surgery. You go home the next day. So the recovery and the bounce-back after a major operation is a huge advantage for robotic surgery", explains Dr. Schuster.

Living with cancer and facing surgery is never easy. But with new technology, doctors hope the experience will be more tolerable.
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