New Medication System Reduces Error at Abilene Hospital

New Medication System Reduces Error at Abilene Hospital

An Abilene hospital is going digital--with medication, that is. Hendrick Medical Center is introducing a new system to track medication for patients. Nora Hartfeil has the story.
As a nurse, Cynthia DeHoyos knows that in life or death situations, there's no room for error.

"They could potentially give the wrong patient the wrong drugs and then realize they've gone into the wrong room", explains DeHoyos, of Hendrick Medical Center.

Which is why Hendrick is taking some large digital steps to keep patients secure.

"Now we've got another way to check that we've got the right patient. We can scan their wristbands that correlate with their name and date of birth, and their medical record", says DeHoyos.

The new Knowledge Based Medication Administration (KBMA), is aimed to help patients rest easier, but it also gives nurses, like Cynthia, a peace of mind while on the job.

"The nurses have a lot more confidence in the system, because now when they go in, there is something else verifying they have the right patient, and the right medication", explains DeHoyos.

The KBMA is just another way technology is lending a healing hand. 

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