New Silent MRI Machine Comforts Abilene Patients

New Silent MRI Machine Comforts Abilene Patients

The loud noises and claustrophobic feel of traditional MRI machines are eliminated thanks to new technology at one Big Country hospital.
"The sound of an MRI can be very frightening," says Tony Jennings, radiologic technologist at Hendrick Medical Center.

Gone are the days of traditional, blaring MRI scans. Instead, "We've had people say it's like a spa treatment and it takes their minds off of having an exam done," Jennings explains.

The beeping, replaced with soothing music. The white room, illuminated with colors and relaxing scenes of nature.

"It's not like have something done in a white room with a machine," Jennings says.

The new silent MRI is part of the Caring Suite at Hendrick Medical Center--but it's not all bout the patient- it actually helps the radiologists as well.

"Once a patient is relaxed, they're able to hold still for us so we can get the proper imaging for them. Because if there's motion, there may be something missed in their pictures," Jennings explains.

A technological win win--the silent MRI can soothe patients, and therefore smooth images for more accurate diagnoses.
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