New tablet helps against ticks

New tablet helps against ticks

Ticks can be especially dangerous for our pets, how we can protect them in the months to come.
Dr. Jerry Early at the Abilene Animal Hospital says tick eggs can survive the cold weather, and will hatch in the warmer temperatures.

"The female swells up and lays anywhere from a thousand to three thousand eggs," said Dr. Early.

One look at ticks will make your skin crawl, so imagine the pain your pet feels when a tick latches onto their skin. 

"They'll be a male and a female, stuck with their snouts into your dog, sucking blood and raising ticks and laying eggs," he said. 

Dr. Early added that it's not just one tick, but a family of ticks that can latch on to your pet. Not treating your dog, will kill it. 

A new chewy tab is now available for pets, and Dr. Early said it works wonders.

"You just give it a chewy tab, and it takes the ticks off the dog for about a month," he said.

The method you decide to treat your pet for ticks is up to you, but the most important part, is to get it done quickly. 
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