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Pizza Shop Helps Hailey Dunn Search Efforts with Pizza Boxes

It's been more than two years after Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn went missing. People across the state aren't just keeping hope alive that she'll be found,  they're still spreading the message. In Krum, Texas, Hailey's face is appearing on pizza boxes as an attempt to get more people aware that she's still missing.
The city of Krum is a small town just northwest of Denton. It's about 250 miles from Coloardo City. But you'll still see flyers and posters with Hailey Dunn's face in various store windows throughout the town.

"We do what we can here," said Cindy Glasco, Hailey's great aunt.

And they're getting her name out there on pizza boxes. Similar to putting pictures on milk cartons, the owners of Bobcat Planet Pizza said they can see it making a difference.

"As I'm giving people their pizza boxes that they do stop and look at it. And I like the fact that it's not just hanging in my window, it's actually going home with them," said owner Kevin Goodman. "So I think it leaves a bigger imprint."

The idea started with Hailey's great aunt.

"I was at school handing out fliers. They was having an awards ceremony for the children. And I knew there was going to be adults there," she said. 

"My wife happened to overhear the conversation, and told Cindy about us owning a pizza shop and we'd be willing to hand them out and tape them to our boxes," Kevin continued. 

And from there, the town's support for Hailey grown.

"It's amazing, to see all these people here for Hailey. And it's just awesome," said Cindy. 

Cindy has been handing out flyers since the day she found out Hailey was missing. They were very close, saying Hailey was more like her daughter. And even spoke with Hailey on the phone the day before she went missing.

"We really didn't even talk about nothing, I was fishing, you know, just talking," Cindy explained.

Now she keeps flyers in her car. And is always looking for a chance to spread more awareness.

"Even if, like if we see somebody on the side of the road doing like an event or anything, I will stop and ask if I can put fliers on there. And nobody's told me no," said Cindy. 

And it's worked. When she was in Dollar General asking to hang up a flyer, a cashier said she had already heard about Hailey.

"I've noticed on the Bobcat Pizza boxes last week when we got a pizza; the fliers were on there," said Stephanie Rotenberry, an employee at Dollar General.

And the cashier says that Krum's support comes as no surprise.

"I'm from a small town so I can understand," Stephanie explained. "If my child was missing I would want someone to come forward and help if they didn't know me either."

But until she's found, those pizza boxes will continue to deliver the hope to find Hailey.
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