Play Faire Park Celebrates 67 Years

Play Faire Park Celebrates 67 Years

Play Faire Park has been open for 67 years this season and is the oldest continually operating miniature golf course in the state.
Doc England has fond childhood memories from Play Faire Park, but says he never dreamed of owning it, though he has for the past twenty years. He says that things are much different from a few decades ago.

"I would say that business has probably been cut in half in the past twenty years ... there used to be a line waiting to get in." says England

While there have certainly been challenges, Doc says that he loves for people to be able to come to the park, take a step back in time, and just have fun.

Play Faire Park volunteer, Melissa Green, says the community benefits from the park. Besides many musicians getting their start at the park, many organizations use the park as a resource as well.

"You know we have so many groups that come to us, not just charitable organizations, but we will have groups after school come and play." says Green.

Doc says that the local musicians that play at the park on the weekends in the summer help keep the park on the map.

With 67 years under their belts, Doc says that this Abilene "hidden treasure" is not going away anytime soon.
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