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Police Cracking Down On Solicitation Ordinance Near Dangerous Intersections

Solicitation Ordinance Identifies Abilene's Most Dangerous Intersections, Police Are Cracking Down To Ensure Public Safety.
Abilene Police are cracking down on people who violate an ordinance that prohibits solicitation at certain intersections. In the past, newspapers could be sold and signs held at intersections near South 1st St. and Buffalo Gap Road but now those areas are considered "Abilene's Most Dangerous."

Police say they have reviewed crash data and traffic counts, and deemed the following areas most dangerous in the city:

Buffalo Gap Rd from S. 27th to Antilley Road
SW Drive from Winters Freeway to Catclaw Drive
Business I-20 from US-83 to N. Judge Ely Blvd.
S. 14th St. from Willis St. to Butternut St.
Judge Ely Blvd from ES 11th Street to EN 10th St.
Ambler Ave./ SH 351 from Grape St. to East Lake Road
Treadaway Blvd. from E. Hwy 80 to S. 11th St.
Treadaway Blvd from S. 27th St. to Industrial Blvd.

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