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Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital Plans Expansion Project

Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater is planning a $25 million expansion project that could start as early as mid summer, pending a bond election.
Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital is planning a $25 million expansion project.

The project would touch every department of the hospital including a new outpatient dialysis unit, surgery facility, and expanded intensive care unit.

Updates would also be made to the main entrance of the hospital in order to make the building more handicapped accessible.

Although past projects have been paid through grants, hospital's cash reserve, and savings, this new renovation will be paid through general obligation bonds.

This is the first bond election to take place for the hospital since the original one that built the facility in 1974. The election is scheduled to take place on May 10th, 2014.

If all goes through, construction could start as early as mid-summer and is expected to last at least two years for completion.
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