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Severe Weather Preparation

Having a plan for severe weather is the best defense and heading to a local hardware store is a good place to start!
The best time to start preparing for a severe weather event is when the weather is still nice outside. Heading to a local hardware store is a good place to start stocking up on essentials for your severe weather preparedness plan. Things that are good to have handy are batteries, tarps, trash bags, flash lights, extra water and food. Make sure you have an idea of what you want to do with vehicles ahead of time to get them out of the hail. Make sure you have enough time to get to safety and out of harms way if you do decide to bring your car to a covered area. When preparing don't forget about your outdoor appliances such as you air conditioner unit. Neglecting to take precautions could be a very costly oversight. You can get hail guards installed to protect your unit or even use house hold objects such as chicken wire. If you don't protect your unit the coils could get messed up and need to be replaced or your air conditioner could stop working all together.

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