Smart Woman: Advice for Longevity

Smart Woman: Advice for Longevity

It's no secret that staying physically active and eating healthy may help you live longer. However, research shows that how long you live and the quality of those years is more nurture than nature. So what is the secret to healthy aging?
Turning 70 didn't slow Molly Darden down. Instead she went water skiing.

"I decided that I'm going to sail through the 70's facing challenges exuberantly. Enjoying, enjoying, enjoying," Darden said.

One secret to Molly's healthy aging: her attitude towards longevity.

According to Dr. Sharon Bergquist, Emory School of Medicine, "it's a mix of feeling that you are in control of your health, buffering stress, keeping positive human relationships and keeping a very positive attitude."

Research shows 25% of aging is determined by genetics. Much of the rest is in our hands and often comes down to lifestyle and our outlook.

Recent studies show that, "people who have a positive view of aging will live 7 and a half years longer," said Dr. Bergquist.

Darden has always embraced life. She worked as a journalist and photographer, and lived overseas. Now, she stays connected with others through her own website and on Twitter. Additionally, she stays fit by gardening and walking her dog.

"It's a passion to be happy, vibrant, zestful because I know now that I'm in my homestretch of life."

Molly's positive lifestyle not only adds years to her life but life to her years. 

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