Smart Woman: Dangers of Concussions

Smart Woman: Dangers of Concussions

Concussions take a toll on families. And now players are bigger and faster and there is a connection to the dangers your kids face in sports every day.
Hard knocks are a major part of football.

At the snap of the ball a player goes from 0-100 miles an hour. When that bone-crushing hit turns to a concussion, it's the parent's world that goes from 0 to 100.

So what's the first line of defense? Coaches and trainers must be aggressive in making sure players sit out until they've fully recovered. Parents need to have honest talks with their kids, to help them get over that "tough culture" mentality.

Playing with a concussion can have catastrophic consequences. Concussions happen when the brain bounces around in the skull. Cells become sensitive and don't function normally. Doctors also believe concussions contribute to lingering health and mental problems.

But there is treatment. New technology and baseline tests help detect brain injuries faster. Dell Children's Concussion Center treats some of the most complex cases in central Texas.

So, when that hard-knock happens, and chances are it will, a game plan needs to be in place.
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