Smart Woman: Exercise after childbirth

Smart Woman: Exercise after childbirth

Experts say exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone.. and new moms are not exception...
After Sarah Corcorangave birth to her son, Benjamjin, she joined fitness classes designed for moms *and* their babies.  She returned to her weight before pregnancy. 

Instructor Kathleen Donahoe says postnatal fitness is healthy for all new moms.

Exercise post-baby is really important because it gets the mom back in shape and it is also great because it combats post-partum depression.

However women that exercise alone won't make pregnancy pounds disappear.

Its not a quick fix.  You want to do it in a healthy way and you want to make sure you're eating enough, particularly if you're breastfeeding. The slow approach is recommended.

For women who had a condition during their pregnancy like gestational diabetes, or for those who had been on bed rest, It's especially important for these women to get out and exercise after they have their baby.

But moms should check with their doctor before starting any workout regimen.
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