Smart Woman: Jump Starting Fitness In A New Year

Smart Woman: Jump Starting Fitness In A New Year

In January many of us make a goal for the New Year and for a lot of people that goal is getting in shape. Today's Smart Woman Report tells us how to get your mind set on getting fit, and keeping with it.
Today's Smart Woman Report shares good advice when it comes to routinely going to the gym.

Some of the tips include:

- Finding a friend you can go to the gym with regularly. This can help keep you accountable to exercise consistently.

- Thinking practically when choosing a weight loss goal. (Our body can only metabolize about two pounds of fat per week. So a realistic goal is take that two pounds of fat a week.)

- Choosing your foods wisely can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Losing weight and getting fit can be a rewarding challenge. It just takes a lot of little steps to achieve a big goal.
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