Smart Woman: Playground Safety

Smart Woman: Playground Safety

Children may seem indestructible at times but with increasing reports of playground injuries, doctors are encouraging greater safety for this summer

Enjoying a great playground is a rite of passage for many children.

But injuries can  and do  occur.  Some are serious, a few even fatal.

According to the u-s consumer product safety commission,  there are more than two-hundred thousand trips to the emergency room each year from playground-related injuries...Most from falls.

Where the kids will fall from a high place, they fall on their outstretched hand and then they get a small fracture in the wrist or the elbow.

But, doctors say parents can take these safety precautions.

First, the surface of the playground matters.. a lot.  You'll want to avoid concrete.

If a child should happen to fall on their shoulders, their neck, their wrists, their knees, their ankles, that concrete is not going to give.

Instead, look for surfaces made of sand, wood chips or safety-tested mats.

Dr. David Marshall also says make sure the equipment is in good shape- that means no loose bolts or splintered wood, and appropriate for the age of the child.

And finally... Nothing can replace adult supervision.

Be careful

All tips to make play-time a safe-time.

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