Smart Woman: Smart Man Report June 3rd

Smart Woman: Smart Man Report June 3rd

In today's Smart Woman report, Carl Azuz shares some of the popular excuses the men in your life make and how you can help keep them on track.

What do time, money and appearance all have in common with men's health?

They're all frequently used by men as reasons- or excuses- to avoid going to the doctor.

Sound familiar?

If so, here is some advice to get you -- or the men in your life-- to make routine, preventive health care a priority.

Here's a classic excuse.  "i just don't have the time."

Experts agree-- you need to make the time.

We don't want to wait until troubles start before we seek the advice & direction of our doctor.

So plan ahead for an appointment, and bring along notes and questions to make it productive and worthwhile.

Another popular justification- money... "it costs too much."

Try looking at preventive care as an important investment.

It's much more sensible to approach health care dollars up front as opposed to a large economic burden when there's a significant medical problem

What about using one's appearance as an indicator of good health? 

"i look fine.  I'm in good shape."

Silent health problems such as having high blood pressure or diabetes, or high cholesterol, they can have a cumulative effect on your health

The best excuse? 

Well, it just might be none at all.

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